• Ideal Protein Cost for our Body

    Ideal Protein Cost for our Body

    Do you know the ideal protein cost? Are you familiar with the numbers of protein we should consuideal protein costme and what kind of foods that we need to consume to get high protein? Commonly, people confuse about the ideal protein in order to do a weight loss program. We may be concern that we cannot afford it. Sometimes we cannot deny that the benefits of protein to our diet program and also how much it will cost us. The ideal protein cost means you must replace the foods you are eating at present. For that reason, we need to have a diet plan for the costs of protein. Here is the plan that we should do altogether with the replacement foods.

    Ideal Protein Cost

    Price for Protein

    There are basically 3 phases that you have to do dealing with protein costs. In phase 1, it is highly recommended that you eat 3 types of ideal protein in a day.  The price may vary from $4 to $5 per meal or packet. Some other prices can be higher, while some can be lower. To make it simple, let’s just say that we are going to use around $13 a day. If you are eating 3 types of protein foods with that particular price, you will spend around $92 per week.

    You can gain protein also from ideal protein product. However, you should still be aware of the price of the products. Sometimes people also consume supplements to boost their protein. Usually, you need to spend around $30.10 for a multivitamin, $24 for calcium and magnesium, $31 for Omega, and extra $13 for potassium. Basically, the cost is still affordable. Nevertheless, some people are still thinking that they cannot afford it, especially those who have a bad eating habit. Do you know that if you pay for pizza delivery the price will be higher than the cost of ideal protein? Pizza maybe not your thing, but let’s think about how much money that you use to spend to eat unhealthy food. It is so much better if you spend the money for ideal protein.

    As mentioned earlier, there are 3 phases for the cost of ideal protein. For the first phase, usually, you will need to pay more or less $300. However, you should remember that at this phase, you will lose your weight. The price usually includes full body measurement, composition analysis supplements, and also the foods.

    For phase 2, commonly, you will need to consume two packs of ideal protein food. The food should be eaten every day. The cost for this food may reach to $80 per week. In phase 3, you will only continue your diet. Nevertheless, some people usually replace their ideal protein food with something that tastes more delicious and more affordable. These delicious foods include strawberry drink mix, vanilla drink milk, chocolate drink milk, and even coffee and pretzel meal. So, overall, ideal protein cost costs may threaten your pocket; however, you can keep it more economical if you know other alternatives dealing with the protein that you consume.

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