• Ideal Protein Diet Cost

    Ideal Protein Diet Cost

    The ideal protein diet cost is the most common information asked by many people. Those people ask about it because they are not sure whether they can afford the cost. However, the most important point is you can get more benefits rather than the cost of the diet plan. The cost of the diet program with ideal protein will replace the current eaten foods you have.

    Ideal Protein Food Cost

    In phase 1 of the diet program, you should eat 3 diet foods of Ideal protein each day. The cost is about $ 4-5 per meal. Let say that you should spend $13 each day. It means that you will spend $92 each week for three meals of Ideal Foods every day.

    The Cost of Ideal Protein Supplements

    Besides the Ideal Protein Food, you also should consume the Ideal protein supplements. It will be a great support for the weight loss program and need to be purchased once every month. The multivitamin supplement consists of 60 capsules and costs $30.10. Meanwhile, the calcium-magnesium supplement consisting 120 capsules is costed $24, potassium supplement is costed $13 for two months, and Omega 3 supplements are costed $31.

    The Affordable Cost of Ideal Protein Diet

    The Ideal Protein diet program in phase 1 is costed $85 – $95 per week. You may think that you can’t afford it but it will make you more conscious of calorie intake and your health. You will not have bad eating habit anymore and won’t be obese.

    Ideal Protein Cost versus other Costly Habits

    If you love enjoying coffee in a well-known coffee shop like Starbucks, you may spend more than $8 plus tax for a cup of coffee and one sandwich per visit. Actually, it is the rough cost of a couple meals of Ideal Protein. The coffee shop visits will make you spend more than $30 per week for only 4 visits per week. You will get healthier and cheaper cost if you choose ideal protein meals instead.

    Ideal Protein Diet Cost

    If you love ordering pizza delivery plus other products such as coke, cheese sticks, and desserts, you may spend up to $45 per order. The similar price may also be spent for other kinds of meals like Chinese foods, Thai cuisines, etc. that are commonly ordered when you are too tired to cook. The cost is same with the ideal protein diet cost for one week. So, which one you prefer to get a healthier life.

    Overall Cost of Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

    – For the Phase 1

    • In this first phase, you will spend the highest cost for the diet program. You will lose all weight in this phase. You should spend $399 to start the program including the consultation cost, analysis of full body composition and measurements, 25 meals of Ideal Protein, blender bottle, all supplements, sea salt shaker, as well as an IP tote bag. The cost of the food is about $100 for every week.

    – For the Phase 2

    • The ideal protein diet cost for Phase 2 is about $80 every week. It lasts 2 weeks and you should have a couple packets of food each day.

    – For the Phase 3

    • You only need to consume 1 packet Ideal protein food each day in this phase. It will also last two weeks.
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