• Ideal Protein Reviews have shown the effectiveness

    Ideal protein reviews have shown the effectiveness

    Ideal protein reviews have shown the effectiveness of this diet to lose weight and to improve the Health’s state. As the name suggests, this diet program focuses on protein to allow dieters to lose weight. Perhaps, you ever question why is this diet program chooses to focus on protein instead of fiber? To find the answer, let’s learn the basics and concepts of this diet program.

    The Ideal Protein diet program works based on several basic rules. It restricts both complex and simple sugar, boosts the essential nutrients and increases the high-quality protein. It may not like other types of diet programs yet it is proven to be effective especially when it is combined with essential exercises. Just like other programs, it consists of several phases. The phases aim to allow you achieve the target step by step. This way, you can maintain the good progress.

    Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

    Phase 1

    Based on the Ideal protein reviews, the first phase is a phase where you start replacing your packed protein food with the real protein. It means you have to cut every possible packed or processed foods and choose the fresh food for real fresh protein. Of course, fatty food is included in a food you have to cut off. There are so many ideal protein recipes you can practice to prepare the food you need to make the program a success. For instance, begin your day with drinking fresh water and consuming one ideal protein-like. Then, you can have coffee or tea with skim milk. In order to balance your multi-vitamin diet, make sure to consume calcium and potassium. A good news is you can also consume sweeteners for breakfast energy. Lunch should consist of 2 glass of water, 2 cups of fresh veggies soup and one ideal protein food like fishes. Make sure to use sea salt. In the afternoon, you are free to eat ideal protein snacks or low-fat natural foods. Then, eat food which is rich in protein for the dinner. Do not forget to eat salad or vegetable soup.

    Ideal Protein Reviews

    Phase 2

    The second phase requires you to include dairy products and fruits. You may regain some weight instead of losing more weight but this is normal. It is a normal reaction from dairy products you start to consume. So do not worry because your body actually needs all those nutrients. In this phase, you have to start replacing your regular oil with good essential oils like grape seed extract or olive oil. However, you shouldn’t consume any external sugar, carbohydrates, and fat.

    Phase 3

    The third phase is the maintenance phase where you are also still required to consume dairy products and fruits. But in this phase, you should start including grains. This phase should last for 14 days which is longer than the previous phases. You can have delicious foods like the ham steak, bacon, eggs, yogurt, cheese, milk, peanut butter, almond butter, raspberries, banana, strawberries, and blueberries.

    Ideal Protein Reviews

    Phase 4

    This is the last phase where you have to combine protein and carbs in your diet. You will lose a significant amount of weight in this phase. But you still have to avoid any processed foods.

    Suppose you have gone through all the phases successfully, you will be able to prove what the Ideal protein reviews say about the effectiveness of this diet program.

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